Why Do We Attack Friends and Support Enemies? My Message to Jewish War Veterans.

(Photo by Vernon Ogrodnek, Press of Atlantic City.)

What I said to Jewish War Veterans at Beth El Synagogue in Margate, NJ.

Last Sunday, Jewish Community leaders in Atlantic County organized a memorial ceremony for the 11 Jews murdered in Pittsburgh the day before. My Democratic opponent for Congress and a Democratic councilman from Atlantic City were invited to speak, but not a single Republican official. Not Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson, not State Senator Chris Brown, not me.

Jews in America today are in danger of being beaten and killed just for being Jews…

….just like my grandparents were when they lived in Eastern Europe more than a hundred years ago.

This is because for more than thirty years, radical leftists have been in full control of our media, public schools, colleges, pop culture, and the Democratic Party. During these years, they succeeded in fundamentally transforming America into a place that is starting to resemble the hateful Old World that my grandparents escaped from.

The America that welcomed my grandparents was great. It was a nation where most Americans were literate in the Bible that Jews and Christians shared. Most Americans then understood, respected, and appreciated our unique Constitution, self-evident truths of our Declaration of Independence, and culture of law and liberty.

Yes, there were obstacles and prejudice. However, they could almost always be overcome with study, work, and discipline.

A bigot who refused to hire a talented, hardworking black, Jew or Italian soon found that talented person working for a competitor-or as a competitor running his or her own business.

There are countless stories of Jews, blacks, Irish, Italians, and Midwest farmers who did twice the work for half the money until they overcame prejudice and achieved success in Atlantic City.

When America was great, Jews enjoyed more opportunity, wealth, freedom, and safety than at any time in 4,000 years.

What happened?

I explained what happen to local Jewish War Veterans at Beth El Synagogue in Margate today.

The FakeNews Media (and biased memorial ceremonies) give the false impression that there were no problems for Jews in America until the Tea Party and Donald Trump came along.   When they urge us to “stand up against hate”, they imply that they are responsible for the hate that caused the murders in Pittsburgh.

However, if Republicans like Dennis Levinson, Chris Brown, or I were permitted to join the conversation, we would bring up inconvenient truths like this:

For the past 30 years, the radical left has used our schools, colleges, pop culture, and the media to preach a dangerous doctrine of dividing Americans into groups who are always angry at each other. They tell everyone who faces failure or hardship that members of some other “privileged” group is responsible.

That doctrine of division and anger defines today’s Democratic Party. Today’s Democrats resist and obstruct every effort to fix problems because they get more votes when people are angry. This political culture is very dangerous for Jews and is the real reason for so much hate in America today.

This doctrine also explains why Democrats completely reversed their views of immigration. Thirty years ago, Democrats demanded the enforcement of immigration laws because they wanted higher wages and lower taxes for Americans. Now their primary goal is winning votes and gaining political power.

The last thing Democrats want is educated, prosperous, independent, English speaking citizens who don’t need them.

Too many prominent Jews in America today rely too much on politicians, celebrities, and other political and media elites to advance their careers.

Too many have little understanding or respect for most ordinary Americans. Too many ridicule and despise them. They ignore the warning of Psalm 146:  “Don’t put your faith in princes”.

Ben Tzion Netanyahu, the College Professor father of the Prime Minister of Israel wrote a 1,300 page book about how this shortsighted and misguided attitude fueled hatred against Jews in much of Europe for centuries.

American Jews need to stop blindly believing and reciting the propaganda talking points of Democratic Party politicians. They should carefully think through the consequences of what they do and say.

Jewish leaders should again openly and proudly support and defend our United States Constitution, and the self-evident truths of our Declaration of Independence. They should again proudly stand for our National Anthem and stop making excuses for those who don’t. Instead of trying to join the countless groups of victims who beg for support and protection from Democratic Party politicians, Jews should proudly emphasize our commitment the founding documents of America that equally protect the rights of all citizens.

It is also important for American Jews to again embrace the Second Amendment of our Constitution. Instead of becoming a burden on taxpayers and law enforcement by demanding special police protection, American Jews should form gun clubs, become proficient in handling firearms, and obtain legal permits to carry weapons so that we can protect our own synagogues, day schools, and community centers, as well as our homes and businesses.   American Jews should stop advertising that our places of worship are gun free zones and soft targets.

We American Jews must make it as dangerous and difficult to kill a Jew in America as it is in Israel.

For the past 30 years, prominent Jewish business and political leaders, academics, and celebrities have openly and consistently supported our worst enemies and attacked and ridiculed our best friends. They falsely accuse our friends of the hate they never had, and that our enemies promote almost every day. Now these Jews act surprised that Jews in America have more enemies and fewer friends.

Louis Farrakhan is a Democrat. And hates Jews as much as Adolf Hitler.

Farrakhan and his organization have systematically injected more hatred of Jews throughout the black and Muslim communities than any other group in America.

DETROIT, MI – AUGUST 31: Former President Bill Clinton, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson attend funeral for Aretha Franklin. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Farrakhan accused Jewish doctors of inventing the HIV virus to kill blacks. He blames Jews for every problem blacks have in America today. When asked if he is an anti-Semite, he replied that he is an “anti-termite”.

If he thought he could get away with it, he and his followers would kill every Jew he could. Yet he is embraced by almost every black Democratic leader today.

The Los Angeles times and other mainstream media carefully hid photos of Obama embracing Farrakhan. You saw how close Farrakhan is to top Democrats at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Yet at Sunday’s ceremony, my Democratic opponent Jeff Van Drew and Kaleem Shabazz were the only politicians invited to speak, and they didn’t say even mention, or say an unkind word about their fellow Democrat Louis Farrakhan.

Maxine Waters is a Democrat. Last August, she publicly urged her supporters to treat Republicans like me as the enemy, because I disagree with her politics. She urged her supporters to violently confront Republicans like me, and our families, wherever they see us. In shops, restaurants, gasoline stations. This is what the Communists did in Germany in the 1920’s, and why many Germans turned to Hitler’s stormtroopers for protection in the 1930’s. Yet nobody at Sunday’s ceremony said a word about her hate.

Donald Trump and the overwhelming majority of those who support him, are strong and reliable friends of Jews and of Israel.

Trump has a Jewish daughter and son-in-law. Those conservatives who formed the Tea Party are strong and reliable friends of Jews and friends of Israel. So are most Evangelical Christians and other Republicans. Yet prominent Jews are first in line to insult, attack, and lie about about our friends.

Too many others stand silently and fail to defend our friends when they are unfairly attacked. Yet Sunday’s ceremony in Ventnor strongly implied that these friends of Jews and of Israel were responsible for hate in America–and that voting against them would make things better.

We American Jews are lucky to have such good friends. Most others would turn against us for for giving them such shabby and ungrateful treatment.

Unfortunately, there are some mentally unbalanced people who are not our friends. What American Jews say and do can trigger them to rage, violence, and murder. It appears that the psychopathic murderer in Pittsburgh was triggered by the actions of HIAS, once known as the “Hebrew Immigrant  Aid Society”.

When my mother wrote her first will, she made a generous bequest to HIAS because it helped our family settle in America a hundred years ago.  However, my mother later changed her will. She was shocked and angry to learn that HIAS was no longer a Jewish organization that no longer helped Jews. It instead devoted most of its resources to bringing people who had been taught since childhood to hate Jews here to America. Have any American Jews spoken out about how this is bad for America and bad for Jews?

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith was founded in 1913 to use public relations and lawsuits to “fight the defamation of the Jewish people”. However, today, it devotes much of its resources to promote illegal immigration to America.

When Obama was President, the ADL joined in a lawsuit to stop the State of Arizona from enforcing immigration laws. It claimed that immigration laws could only be enforced by the Federal government. However, when Trump is President, the ADL reversed its position and claimed it was OK for “sanctuary” cities and states to defy federal immigration laws. How does that help Jews?

As the prophet Hosea said, “They plant the wind, and harvest the tornado”. If we were honest, we would admit that Jewish support of radical leftists and Democrats is causing anti-Semitism in America, not anything said or done by Donald Trump. Falsely blaming Trump for the logical results of our own actions can only make things worse.

It was normal for Jews to be beaten and murdered just for being Jews in most of the world for nearly 2,000 years.

The creation of the United States in 1776 changed things. Unfortunately, since Democrats “fundamentally changed” America, these murders of Jews are becoming normal again. Hardly anybody paid attention when Rabbi Meir Kahane was gunned down by followers of the Blind Sheikh in  Manhattan in 1990.

There was little media coverage when Jews were randomly murdered for being Jews at the Los Angeles Airport, a Baltimore movie theater, and walking to a Miami Beach synagogue. Those murders did not get media attention because they did not fit the progressive Democrat narrative.

We also need to stop the false narrative of the violence last year in Charlottesville, Virginia. President Trump spoke the truth when he said there were good and bad people on both sides of that violence–and in placing most of the blame on the Fake News media.

The radical left began the violence in back in 2015 when it began its campaign to destroy all Confederate Civil War statues in the South, including the 100 year old statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville.

The issue of tearing down monuments to causes that are no longer popular is complicated. Good arguments can be made on both sides.

However, vandalizing and destroying monuments in violation of the law is wrong and should not be tolerated.

Several hundred Nazi and white supremacist misfits in a nation of 300 million saw an opportunity to get national media attention by showing up at Charlottesville to defend the statue. The national media gave them what they wanted by giving them wall to wall national news coverage.

What happened at Charlottesville was predicted by George Orwell in his books Animal Farm and 1984. The radical leftists who now run the Democratic Party need to create dangerous enemies to win political support. The so-called neo-Nazi white supremacist movement only shows up when national network TV cameras show up, and disappears as soon as they leave.

American Jews need to #WalkAway from the Democratic Party. Today’s Democratic Party is bad for America.  And what is bad for America is bad for Jews.



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