We Came Up Short: 6,331 (70%) For Polistina. 2,752 (30%) For Grossman


These results show the strength of Republican officials and their political clubs and organizations in Atlantic County.  They show that most voters in our county are happy with Republican leadership in county government and in most suburban towns.  They show the positive effect of organized candidates running as a team from Governor to Township Clerk in a single column.  They also show the negative effect of running alone in a remote position on the ballot.

My campaign was 100% issue based.  Although I failed to win more votes than my opponent, my campaign did make a lot  more  people aware of important issues that have been ignored for far too long. Nearly a third of active Republican voters supported me in spite of all these obstacles.  This shows that Republican leaders, candidates, and officials need to pay attention to these issues.

I intend to resume my work with Liberty and Prosperity.  The mission of that organization is to learn and teach the importance and relevance of New Jersey’s motto.  Only liberty creates prosperity.  Efforts by government to “create jobs” by taking from some and giving to others  is a form of socialism.  It destroys both liberty and prosperity.   That organization also teaches the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective free citizen.  The key to making New Jersey a land of liberty and prosperity again is to have more well-informed, independent free citizens.

Finally, although the “regular” Republicans outspent me by at least six to one, my supporters did donate more than $20,000.  This was a very significant amount.  It allowed me to deliver our  message through radio, TV, and mail.  This, together with hours of work done by volunteers forced the media and the establishments of both parties to pay attention to us and the issues that concern us.

It will take weeks to understand why we didn’t win more votes, and how we can improve our work.  However, I can say right now that I am very proud of, and grateful to everyone who helped us reach so many people during the last six months.

Thank you!

Seth Grossman

1 thought on “We Came Up Short: 6,331 (70%) For Polistina. 2,752 (30%) For Grossman”

  1. The ongoing priority must be education, as Seth has always clearly demonstrated. We have far too many RINOs, from the average voter, to local and state politicians, and all the way to DC. The establishment, (RINOs and especially Democrats) are entrenched and incredibly committed to their cause, misguided and destructive and selfish as it is. We must be even more committed, as greater commitment is necessary by us to dismantle business as usual, as the cards are of course stacked in their favor. We need to be willing to have much more uncomfortable conversations than we currently are having; challenging fellow conservatives to be more active and engaging, as well as with Independents and Democrats within our reach. As annoyed and dumbfounded as I am by Democrats, I am actually more frustrated by the voters who behave as brain-washed robotic sheep, continually perpetuating the broken GOP establishment. Many “alleged Republican” voters that I talk to are fed up and seem to realize that many Republican politicians are part of the swamp; I challenge them to do something about it and vote for courageous folks like Seth who continue to trumpet the plain and simple truth, without concern of offending someone who is corrupt, selfish, or part of the swamp.
    One of the many things that I have impressed upon my kids is that you vote for the right person, the candidate that has demonstrated selfless interest in our future, and regardless of what the polls are saying.

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