Van Drew OK with Illegal Immigrant Drivers License Scheme?

jeff van drew congress

Republican Congressional candidate Seth Grossman today called on his opponent, Democratic State Senator Jeff Van Drew to publicly disavow a proposal by NJ Senate Majority Leader Steve Sweeney to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

“The Democratic Party has officially become the party of open borders and Steve Sweeney’s proposal to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens proves that,” Grossman said. “Jeff Van Drew keeps claiming he’s an independent.  If so, he needs to denounce this crazy, extreme and radical proposal right now.”

Sweeney endorsed illegal immigrant drivers license scheme during a live radio interview.

“As a State Senator, Jeff Van Drew voted to give unrestricted benefits to illegal aliens and include them in the census,” Grossman said. “As a Democrat in Congress, he will endorse a leadership full of the most radical pro-illegal alien open borders extremists who will work overtime to destroy American sovereignty.”

Grossman said that he will support the President’s agenda to secure the border through enforcing current laws and building the wall.

Jeff Van Drew opposes the wall because his supporters prefer open borders.

cheap labor and destroying American jobs as part of their globalist agenda that puts America last,” Grossman said. “I stand with our president to Make America Great Again by rebuilding our military, securing our border and finally dealing with the threat criminal illegal aliens bring to our country.  That’s just one of the many differences between me and my leftwing opponent.”

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