Thank You! It Was A Very Good Week.

We won the Primary Election!  Our win was clean.  It was decisive.  We carried Atlantic County by an 18 point margin.  We did well in every other county.

Our Ocean County MAGA Republican candidate for mayor Greg Myhre, and all six council candidates on his team won in Stafford Township (Manahawkin).

Brian Goldberg, our MAGA Republican candidate for U.S. Senate lost.  He got 55,000 votes, or 25% of the total.    His statewide campaign spent a total of $8,000.  However, by “bracketing” his name with mine and those of the Stafford Township candidates, he gave us excellent ballot position and helped us win.
We spent very little money.   Our eight county campaign cost $24,000.

We did not attack anybody.   We simply said we supported President Trump.  We also explained why.

I also reminded voters that I had the education, experience, and proven record of achievement to do what I promised to do.

Our campaign won the respect of the other candidates.   We also won recognition and respect from Republican leaders who supported them.  After the election, Hirsh Singh, Sam Fiocchi, Brian Fitzherbert, Jim Toto, Mark McGovern, and John Zarych quickly called to wish me well–and offer their full support.   I am now working closely with them and the county GOP organizations to prepare for November.
After the election, the Press of Atlantic City gave me very positive front page coverage:

Others, like the Inquirer and NJTV Channel 23 ignored me.   Please contact them, and suggest that they treat me a bit more fairly in the future.

Three months ago, I worried that this contested Primary Election would divide and weaken Republicans in South Jersey.  However, it made us stronger.  We crafted a winning message, improved our skills,  learned from our mistakes and got to know and respect each other.  We reached out to our base and energized them.  We are now ready to win in November.

There are challenges ahead.  One of them is that I am sending this message two days late.  During the Primary Election campaign, I was able to respond to phone calls, texts, and emails myself.   Since the election, I was overwhelmed with hundreds of messages congratulating me, offering help, and requesting interviews.  It will take me another week to get back to everyone.

Because of that, my top priority is raising money and putting together a professional campaign staff.  As the campaign intensifies, I need to respond instantly to every communication, attack, and breaking news.

I am getting much needed help from the national, state and all eight county GOP committees.   However, I need to raise between $50,000 and $100,000 before June 30 to organize a winning campaign staff.

I just got a $2,700 check from former opponent John Zarych without even asking.   I was also pleasantly surprised to see roughly $4,000 in my online “Donate” box at since Election Day.    If you have not yet given, please contribute now.    Please pay online or send your check to Grossman for Congress Committee, 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ  08244.
I also need volunteers to help me reach voters during the summer.   If you can help me in any way, please email me and let me know the best way you can help.

Finally, I will be attending the business meeting, tomorrow Saturday at 9:30am at the Shore Diner.  Meet me there at 6710 Tilton & Fire Roads by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township.  I will be there for early breakfast before the meeting an hour early at 8:30am.  I invite anyone who wants to join me.

Thanks.  And thanks again for a VERY good week.

453 Shore Road
Somers Point, NJ  08244
(609) 927-7333

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