Stop “Critical Race” Hate. Cut Debt, Taxes & Tolls.

Last month, my “Regular Republican” primary opponent “declined” to participate in an online debate with me sponsored by Stockton University and the League of Women Voters.  As a substitute, Stockton asked each of us to provide written responses to four “issue oriented” questions.  Here are the questions, and my answers:

Stockton Question #1:  What are the top one or two issues that need to be addressed by state lawmakers in Legislative District 2?

Seth Grossman Response:

Bring liberty back to America.  Trust each American to make the most important decisions affecting his or her own life. Teach each American to take  responsibility for those decisions — the bad as well as the good.  Teach how America brought more wealth, opportunity, and justice to more people than any other nation in history when we embraced those ideas.

Judge each individual by his or her own character, talent, work, and achievement. Stop hiring, rewarding, promoting, or punishing people by whether or not they belong to any race, ethnic group, sex gender or other politically useful group.  Stop public schools, colleges like Stockton University, and libraries from doing this.  Stop them from teaching hateful fake-history, Critical Race Theory, and other hate-America propaganda that promotes this.

Give financial support to parents who save taxpayers money when they opt out of public schools.  Stop requiring college degrees for jobs from applicants who got the needed skills and knowledge without them.

End state government takeover of Atlantic City and casino tax breaks.  Stop the endless gas tax and toll hikes.  Do it by enforcing sections of the New Jersey State Constitution which require:

  1. Equal application of all laws, including tax laws.
  2. Balanced budgets for operating expenses.  Borrowing for long term improvements only when voters approve.
  3. No bailouts of failed state “authorities” that borrowed money without voter approval.

State government took over Atlantic City in 2010.  As part of that takeover, state government allowed Atlantic City to run seven years of illegal budget deficits and borrow roughly $400 million to cover operating expenses.  It also declared Atlantic City’s casinos to be “blighted areas” and therefore qualified for special tax breaks.

State government let its “Transportation Trust Fund Authority” recklessly borrow money billions of dollars without voter approval for 30 years.  It then bailed out that authority with a scheme that now gives us “automatic” toll and gas tax hikes almost every year.

As a State Senator, I will do my best to bring the teaching of American values back to colleges like Stockton and respect for our U.S. and State Constitutions back to state government in Trenton.

Stockton Question #2:  What can or should be done, if anything, to help the casino industry and the district’s tourist economy post-pandemic?

Seth Grossman Response: 

The real estate tax burden on casino and non-casino properties alike in Atlantic City must be quickly and greatly reduced.  We must challenge and reduce Atlantic City’s massive $300 million to $400 million debt, borrowed to cover seven years of illegal deficits while under state control by Republican Governor Chris Christie.  These deficits funded operating expenses in blatant violation of the state’s Local Budget and Bond Laws.  The Local Budget Law requires balanced budgets.  The Local Bond Law states that cities can borrow money for projects like buildings, roads, and bridges, but NOT for day-to day operating expenses.

We can also quickly cut taxes by applying the same cost cutting methods previously applied to City Hall departments to Atlantic City’s independent public schools and public library.

Stockton Question #3:  What possible role, if any, do you believe the state Legislature should have in certifying county-level election results, and what is the reasoning for your position?

Seth Grossman Response:

A someone who lost an election by three votes and won another by a single vote, I believe Superior Court judges are capable of supervising county-level election results.   The real problem with elections today is that “woke” Democrats and weak Republicans in Congress and our State Legislature wiped out voting laws and procedures that gave us honest elections for nearly a century.  Those procedures included:

  1. Close registration books 30 days in advance, so there is enough time to identify and remove fake voters.
  2. One Election Day for most voters. Mail-in or messenger ballots only for those who are sick or disabled or have confirmed travel or work plans.
  3. Mechanical voting machines that cannot be “hacked”, and which produce a hard copy register tape.

I will  try to introduce legislation to restore those features.  Also, I will support laws requiring each voter to produce a Photo ID.  That is because few election officials and election workers personally recognize most voters in their districts, and because virtually every voter now has a photo ID..

Stockton Question #4.  The Republican Party has been the minority party in the New Jersey Legislature for the past 18 years. What direction or changes would you advocate to make the party more competitive and to put it in a position to become the majority?

Seth Grossman Response:  

Republican candidates, leaders and election officials must stop lying to voters.  For thirty years, Republican leaders like Tom Kean, Christie Todd Whitman, and Chris Christie won elections by promising lower taxes and an end to “waste, fraud and abuse”.  Yet right after taking office, they joined Democrats to raise taxes, borrow money, and do the same pay-to-play politics and “waste, fraud, and abuse” they promised to end.

By winning the Primary on June 8 and winning again in November and then keeping my promises, I can undo much of the damage done to the Republican brand during the past thirty years.

Dated:  May 24, 2021                                                                              SETH GROSSMAN

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