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Enforce Immigration Laws

Reduce legal immigration to sustainable levels. Immigration laws were strictly enforced From 1917 to 1966. Legal immigration was limited to roughly 300,000 per year. This allowed immigrants and their children to quickly learn English and become mainstream Americans. These immigration laws also promoted high wages, full employment, good schools, low taxes, and safe neighborhoods.

Beginning in 1965, Ted Kennedy Democrats completely changed our immigration laws. The new 1965  immigration laws had the purpose and effect of dividing and weakening America. If we do not act quickly they will destroy America as the free, safe, prosperous, and united country most of us grew up in. At some point in his life, Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy came to hate the America that his older brothers Joe, John, and Robert loved and died for. The 1965 Immigration Law was just the first of countless ways Ted Kennedy showed his hatred for America during his 44 years in the U.S. Senate.

Bush Republicans did it to give big profits and cheap labor to their corporate donors. The new 1965 immigration law, and changes made by Carter, Bush, Clinton, and Obama brought more than one million legal immigrants to America each year. Far too many of these immigrants are not assimilating.

Many actually hate our American culture and constitutional government and want to change us. This also makes it difficult, if not impossible to enforce immigration laws. We have anywhere from 11 million to 30 million foreigners living illegally in our country in addition to roughly 41 million legal immigrants. Instead of offering the American Dream, many American cities today offer immigrants the same misery, violence, and poverty they had in the countries they left.

Allow Americans To Defend Themselves

The tragedy in Florida exposed  many failures of government to protect our children. Here in nearby Margate, New Jersey residents were shocked to learn that a young local resident and recent Atlantic City High School graduate had joined the Islamic State. He is now in Syria torturing and executing prisoners. He also made a recruiting video urging young Muslim men in America to kill “kaffirs” (non-Muslims). 

Until now, federal laws have made it difficult for school officials and ordinary citizens to take common sense action to protect our children. If elected, I will support laws to encourage local officials to do what they find necessary to protect them. Those measures include allowing qualified, trained, law abiding school employees to carry weapons. They would also include allowing counselors, psychologists, and teachers to legally share information with each other and law enforcement officials on deadly threats they learn from students.

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