Let’s Teach GOP Leaders What We Learned. Working and Winning Together.

For eight months, I devoted almost every waking minute trying to win last month’s election. During that time, I neglected many other things.  It took me weeks to rest and catch up.

Now I am doing my best to thank the nearly two thousand people who helped me come so close to winning, in spite of so many needless obstacles.

Roughly a thousand donated a total of $270,000 to my campaign. Many gave past their comfort level. Others volunteered their time. Many more put personal and business relationships at risk by putting up my signs and openly supporting me. None of them wanted or expected anything from me in return other than honest, constitutional government.

If I have not yet thanked you, please call or email me. Beside thanking you, I want to persuade you stay active and engaged. I am also having conversations with those GOP leaders who did not help.  To win in the future, we must communicate and work together.

When mail-in and provisional ballots were counted, I ended up with roughly 117,000 votes or 46% of the total. I was short by 20,000 votes–votes that could have been flipped with just a little national GOP support–or without their sabotage of my campaign.

I campaigned on common-sense pro-Trump and pro-Constitution issues that most voters support. That is why I did better than Republican candidates who avoided them.

Jay Webber, a sitting Republican State Assemblyman got 43% in his open district. Jon McCann got 44%. Bob Hugin, the GOP candidate for U.S. Senate who spent $36 million on his campaign got only 44% of the vote running against disgraced incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez.

Incumbent Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur lost with 49%, while incumbent Leonard Lance lost with 47%. Webber, MacArthur, and Lance each spent more than million dollars on their campaigns.

Here is how state and national GOP leaders sabotaged my campaign.

A month before I won the Primary last June, Steve Stivers of @NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) told the Philadelphia Inquirer: “I wish we had a better recruit in the LoBiondo seat, but we don’t.” At that time, Hirsh Singh, Sam Fiocchi and I were each recognized in our District as serious, well-qualified candidates.

At that time, I truthfully told the Press of Atlantic City: “The NRCC is looking for a rich candidate with no political experience who will fund his own campaign; then do what he is told after the election.

These Republican leaders don’t care if they lose the seat to Democrat Van Drew, as long as they can blame Trump”.

Establishment Republican leaders in New Jersey did recruit their idea of a perfect candidate to run for U.S. Senate. He was Bob Hugin, a retired pharmaceutical executive. Hugin had no understanding of or commitment to individual liberty or the Constitution. He had no message, and no political skills or experience. After spending more than $30 million of his own money, Hugin ended up losing with the same 44% of the vote that conservative Steve Lonegan got four years ago running with almost no money or support against Democrat Cory Booker.

One week after I won the June Primary, Democrats attacked me for comments I had made during a debate before a handful of Republicans two months earlier. In response to a question, I said that forced “diversity” in employment, college admissions, and scholarships was “crap” and “un-American”. I went on to explain that “In America, each individual should be judged only by his or her character, talent, and work”.

Instead of publicly supporting what I said (although perhaps disagreeing with how I said it), the three top GOP leaders in New Jersey held an unprecedented press conference to join Democrats in attacking me.

Two weeks later, Democrats attacked me again for a handful of Facebook posts I had made years earlier. Most of those posts were sensible comments on important issues of the day that most voters agree with.

However, I did apologize for one post.  It was a racist article that I shared in 2014 without fully reading it. I did it because it was sent to me by Colonel Allen West, someone I admired and trusted. I also agreed with the first few paragraphs that I did read. Those paragraphs defended police after a year of  “Hands up! Don’t Shoot” lies by the media and the murders of 126 police officers.

As soon as I learned of unnecessary and despicable racist statements elsewhere in that article, I took down the post and publicly apologized.

If Steve Stivers and the NRCC simply explained the truth of what happened, this incident would have been as quickly forgotten for me as it was for Col. West and other prominent Republicans who made that identical mistake four years ago.  Instead, Stivers made it national news by joining with Democrats to publicly and falsely call me a “bigot”.

The NRCC and state GOP leaders also cut off all funding and other support to my campaign. They did not even share their voter lists!

None of them returned my texts or phone calls, or made any effort to hear my side of the story.

These GOP leaders even kept me from sharing information and working with Bob Hugin’s U.S. Senate campaign on voter registration and early voting. They instructed county leaders not to distribute my campaign literature.

Meanwhile, every Democratic Party leader and official in New Jersey fully supported every other Democratic Party candidate–even disgraced Democratic Senator Bob Menendez.

I am now learning that National and State GOP leaders also failed to support many good conservative candidates for Congress in other competitive districts throughout the country. This left Democrats free to devote all their resources to defeat Republicans in the districts they targeted.

Last month’s elections are a clear warning of what we face in the future. If Republicans run future elections the same way, Democrats will defeat Donald Trump and take full control of all branches of the federal government in 23 months. Their first order of business will be to add more than 20 million “undocumented Democrats” to the voter rolls.

That would complete their mission of turning the United States into another poor, miserable, and violent one party, socialist hell-hole like Venezuela.

I am now 69 years old and mostly retired from my successful small-town law practice. However, I would like to do what I can during the next two years to stop them.

Here is my plan.

I am working to pay off the remaining $7,500 of my campaign debt and close down my Grossman for Congress campaign committee. I want to go back to LibertyAndProsperity.com as its Executive Director and work on these important education projects.

I want to explain how massive, uncontrolled immigration is an invasion that is rapidly destroying the values and institutions that made America great. I also want to explain why it is so important to teach basic facts of American history, liberty, and limited constitutional government to young people and adults alike.

I want to persuade informed, articulate, and concerned citizens who know those facts to be candidates for public office. I want to help them get the skills and contacts they need to win.

During the past thirty years, the radical left created countless tax exempt, ‘educational’ organizations to recruit and train ‘progressive’ candidates for Democrats.

Meanwhile, Republicans leaders too often look for “self-funded” candidates with little or no interest in politics.   These candidates rely completely on paid consultants and party organizations and are too often ineffective both as candidates and as leaders if they do manage to win.

Finally I want to teach pro-America, pro-Constitution, and pro-Liberty candidates the new culture and techniques of American elections. Thanks to eight years of Republican George W. Bush and his Swamp Republican Congress, we no longer vote on “Election Day”.

We instead have an eight week harvest of votes that  requires large numbers of specially trained, paid political operatives. Democrats long ago mastered this process. Most Republicans still barely know it exists.

If you have already given what you can comfortably give, please disregard the rest of this message.

However, if you are in a position to give more, please consider an additional contribution to help me pay off my remaining campaign debts.   If you can, please send a check to the Grossman for Congress Committee or pay online at the Grossman for Congress website. I am keeping the website and online donation site open until the debts are paid.

If you know someone who supports our cause, but who has not yet donated as you have, please let me know how to contact him or her.

If you prefer to make a tax deductible contribution and confidential directly to Liberty and Prosperity, please contact that organization and donate through its website.

I hope to return to active leadership of that organization as soon as I pay off the debt and close down the political and non-exempt Grossman for Congress Committee.

Thank you again for your much needed financial support that got me this far.  Best wishes for the holidays.


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