Keep Your Gun Rights, Protect Life. Vote Seth Grossman for Congress

Charles Fischer of Galloway Township says: Republican Second District U.S. House candidate Seth Grossman has long been a relentless fighter for pro-American, pro-Constitutional issues and has earned my vote for Congress.

Of utmost importance to me and my family are Grossman’s positions on actual matters of life and death.

Grossman believes in our God-given, constitutionally protected, right of self-defense.

He agrees that law-abiding citizens should more broadly be allowed to legally carry concealed firearms to protect innocent life. In New Jersey, it is almost impossible to obtain a concealed-carry permit, thanks to Democrats who prefer defenseless victims over self-reliant citizens.

We must circumvent them by passing pending national concealed-carry reciprocity (CCW) legislation (that would require states to honor concealed carry weapon permits issued in other states). Grossman strongly supports this.

Grossman’s Democratic House opponent, state Sen. Jeff Van Drew, claims to be pro-Second Amendment, but in June, he voted for several new state gun-control  laws, which I consider to be knee-jerk, anti-gun legislation. I think we know what would happen if Van Drew is given an opportunity to vote on a CCW reciprocity bill in Congress.

Disregard for the protection of innocent life is a hallmark of today’s Democrats.

Van Drew earned a 100% rating from Planned Parenthoodthe biggest provider of abortions in America. Shameful.

See the new movie “Gosnell” (about Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, now in prison for murder) for a glimpse of culture of death and evil that is the abortion industry.

My life, my family’s lives, and the lives of the innocent, born and unborn, deserve to be protected.

Seth Grossman is pro-liberty, supports additional abortion restrictions, and is the only choice in this race for persons of conscience.

Charles Fischer, Galloway Township

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