Is This Going On In Your Public Schools?

I met two students with their parents at the Mullica Hill Rifle and Pistol Club last Sunday.  One was an 8th grader at Jordan Road School in Somers Point.  She told me that she and her classmates are forced to watch several hours of CNN “news” every week. and that no other news programsv are shown.

Photo by Press of Atlantic City

The other goes to Egg Harbor Township High School.  She complained that her history teacher often makes inappropriate negative comments about President Donald Trump in class.

She also said she supports Second Amendment Rights, and opposes new gun control laws.   She complained that last March, she was forced to participate in the walk-out demanding such laws.   She said she was threatened with having to make up the time on a Saturday, and being marked with an absence if she did not participate.

Is this going on in public schools in your town?  If so, please let me know.   An important part of my Six Point Program is “#4.  Teach What Made America Great In Our Schools Again.” 

I personally saw many examples of biased teaching, textbooks, and course materials in our public schools, Stockton University, and in community colleges.  They indoctrinate rather than teach critical thinking skills and inspire creative, independent thought.   They teach fake history that falsely blames America for every problem and injustice in the world.

I am running for Congress to stop this.  Students need to experience diversity in ideas every bit as much as diversity in race, nationality, gender, and sexual preference.

However, we don’t need to wait for Congress to act.  Republican majorities in both Somers Point and Egg Harbor Township can fix the problem now.

They can insist on equal time for CNN and Fox News at Jordan Road School?  That way students can  see the difference in reporting, and practice critical thinking?   They can also demand that Egg Harbor Township High School invite speakers who support Trump and defend the Second Amendment to remedy anti-Trump and anti-Second Amendment in the classroom.

Please help me pay for messages like this to every voter in South Jersey.  Last call for my fundraising buffet at Cousin Mario’s in Mays Landing this Saturday, May 12 at 5pm.  Tickets are $40.  Please send your check to my office (Payable to “Grossman for Congress”), donate online at or pay at the door.  Contact us for more info at (609) 927-7333 or  I need a full room to pay for the signs, literature, postage, and radio ads I need to win on June 5.   Thanks!

With your vote on June 5 and your financial support this Saturday, I can win.  Help me give President Trump the respect and support he needs from Congress.  Even the best quarterback needs a strong offensive line to protect him so he can move the ball forward.   Help me promote these MAGA issues:

1.  Enforce Immigration Laws.  Reduce Legal Immigration.
2.  Repeal Expensive Obamacare Mandates We Don’t Need.
3.  Protect 2d Amendment Rights.
4.  Teach What Made America Great in Our Schools and Colleges Again.
5.  Support President Trump and our MAGA Agenda.
6.  Stop Obstruction, “Resistance”, and Fake Impeachment Charges.

Thank you for your support.



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