Grossman: No Moderate Democrats in Washington Today

Civility and dialogue have reached new lows in Washington today thanks to the Democrat Party professing unrestrained hatred of President Trump and undertaking an obstinate and aggressive campaign to obstruct his progress in any way possible.

“The era when you found moderates on both sides of Congress who could actually work together for common goals, such as when Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich finessed a balanced budget for Democrat President Bill Clinton’s Administration, is gone.  It’s virtually impossible in today’s political climate of the Democrat’s blind rage against the President,” said Seth Grossman, Republican candidate for New Jersey’s 2nd District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“You have candidates and members of Congress claiming to be moderates, including my Democrat opponent Jeff Van Drew, but it’s clearly not true.  Even if they initially have the best intentions, there is no way that Van Drew or anyone else could stand up to the unrelenting pressures and demands from Congresswoman Pelosi, Senator Schumer and the rest of the far-left ideologues that have taken over the Democrat Party.”

Voters preparing for next month’s midterm elections need look no farther than the Democrats organizing unruly paid demonstrators to disrupt the recent Senate hearings confirming U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as evidence of the deliberate discord, and statements by leading Democrat officials including Pelosi, Schumer, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Senator Cory Booker and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton encouraging hostility against Republicans.

“With the election around the corner, the Democrats are now trying to hide and keep quiet, but it’s too late.  They already have said that they plan to impeach the President and Justice Kavanaugh, and will repeal the President’s tax cuts.  They want open borders to allow unrestricted immigration, and will reinstate a lot of Obama’s business-killing regulations.  The American citizen does not want to go backwards,” Grossman said.

“Pretending to be moderate and avoiding taking defined campaign platform positions will not work.  The voter has woken up, especially the Trump voter who turned out in 2016 and will be turning out again in the midterms.  We have energized the “Trump Train” and its steaming full speed ahead to victory again November 6 to help the President continue to make progress and keep his promises to the nation.”

The campaign’s “Trump Train” video says it all. See Grossman Hannity Trump Train Video Here.

The Grossman campaign is capitalizing upon the renewed voter enthusiasm reminding the residents of NJ’s 2nd District that Seth Grossman has long been a full supporter of President Trump and is one of only a handful of candidates nationwide who has made supporting the President the focal point of his campaign platform.

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