We Came Up Short: 6,331 (70%) For Polistina. 2,752 (30%) For Grossman

  These results show the strength of Republican officials and their political clubs and organizations in Atlantic County.  They show that most voters in our county are happy with Republican leadership in county government and in most suburban towns.  They show the positive effect of organized candidates running as a team from Governor to Township

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Listen: Grossman on Local Government, Federal Grants and Prevailing Wage

Listen as Seth Grossman explains his core philosophy about government. Later on in the WOND radio interview, he explains how local governments need federal grants only because unions and insiders made everything local government needs so expensive, it is unaffordable, and cities turn to grants. Also… listen as a pile-driving contractor confirmed everything said about

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Grossman Stands Up To Murphy and WOKE Democrats

For years Seth Grossman warned us. Now look where we are. But Seth Grossman doesn’t give up. That’s why Seth Grossman is running for State Senate. What is Seth Grossman’s agenda? * Stand up to Murphy and the Democrats. * Stop the handouts and bailouts. * Back the Blue against BLM/Antifa. * Stop Woke mandates

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