Fighting Woke Propaganda. Party Affiliation Update.

“Woke” is yet another fake propaganda termsinvented by Democrats, socialists, and “progressives” during the past twenty years to divide and weaken America.  It falsely claims people are “awake” if they falsely blame white for every problem and injustice in the world.  Why do white Democrat elites use the wrong tense “woke” instead of the correct tense “awake”?  Do they also falsely believe most blacks in America speak that way?

By falsely blaming whites for every problem in black communities, “woke” Democrats keep blacks from recognizing and fixing the real problems in their communities.   “Institutional racism” by whites did NOT cause the death of Mehmood Ansari, the owner of a Boardwalk store in Atlantic City two weeks ago.  It did NOT cause the young 26 year old to be shot to death in broad daylight in Pleasantville with two 18 year olds being wounded.  Yet anyone who openly speaks this obvious truth at Stockton University or any public school or library in New Jersey is denied employment or ruins his or her career.

I am running for State Senate in District 2 to replace Chris Brown who is not seeking re-election.    District 2 includes most of Atlantic County.  However, it does NOT include Galloway, Hammonton, Weymouth, Estelle Manor or Corbin City.

Election Day is June 8.  However, there will be early voting and vote-by-mail shortly after Mother’s Day.  All registered Republicans can vote for me.  Anyone who never voted in a Primary Election before can also vote for me in this May/June Republican Primary.

Anyone who previously voted Democrat, or filled out a form declaring themselves a member of the Green, Constitutional, Conservative or other minor party can NOT vote for me unless they switch to Republican before this Wednesday, April 14.  This can be done online or by delivering a written request to the Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections in Atlantic City or Mays Landing.  Or to the city, borough, or township clerk where you live.  The original form must be received in person by 4pm Wednesday.  FAX copies are not accepted.  Here is the link for the form.  NJ DOS – Division of Elections – Political Party Affiliation Declaration Form (

I am now organizing the campaign.  If you have not already done so, please donate whatever you can.  I need roughly $30,000 to pay for the signs, mailings, and radio spots I need to win.  Please donate online at  Or please mail a check to Grossman for NJ Senate Committee, 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ  08244.

If you can put a sign on your lawn or help in any other way, please email me or leave a message at (609) 927-7333.  I or someone from my campaign will contact you later this week.  Thanks!

Seth Grossman

453 Shore Road

Somers Point, NJ  08244

Personal email:

(609) 927-7333

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