Bridgeton Shootings Didn’t Promote “Woke” Agenda. So Race Never Mentioned.


National media and Democratic Gov. Murphy officials failed to mention that the shooters and all victims were black or post any photos to show it.  The local Press of Atlantic  City did quote a neighbor as saying “You have Black People Killing Black people.  That’s wrong.  That’s terrible”.  However, that quote along with his photo was buried in the last paragraph of the article.  Photo by

Last Saturday night, a 30 year old man and a 25 year old woman were shot to death at an outside birthday party.  In was in the yard of a large, well-kept house on the main road between Bridgeton and Millville.  Twelve other young people were also shot.  Some are in “dire” condition.  They and “several hundred” other young people were enjoying a relaxed, pleasant evening with food, and music until just before midnight.  Then, one or more armed men walked in from nearby woods and started shooting.  Most people, even some of the wounded, ran to their cars and left before police arrived.


At around 1:30 a.m. on May 23, 2021, Bridgeton Police Department officers found Dawkins laying down beside a tree behind the Maplewood Gardens apartments just under three miles from the shooting scene with a .40-caliber Glock 23 model loaded with 22 bullets clutched in his right hand, reported. Initially, he was charged with four gun charges, including unlawfully possessing a firearm, possessing a firearm for an unlawful purpose and possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. From  Few, if any “mainstream” media sites posted this or any other photo of this suspect.  Police have so have not released the race or description of any other suspect.

The killers and the victims were black.  Murders of young black men by other young black men seem to happen almost every month in Atlantic City, Pleasantville, Millville, or Bridgeton.  Stray bullets sometimes kill innocent children.  They include 10 year old Micah Tenant at a Pleasantville High School football game.  And 9 year old Jennifer Trejo killed in her bed in Bridgeton.

When a black person is shot or killed by a police officer or anyone who is white, the national media reports it  as front page, headline news for days or months.  However, when 28 year old Jahmil Greenidge was shot to death in Atlantic City on May 19, it was barely mentioned in the local paper.  Same with the shooting death of  34 year old Jacque Sheppard Jr. in Atlantic City the previous week.  Same with the shooting death of 26 year old Maurice Hampton a/k/a Abdul Hamid on a Pleasantville sidewalk in broad daylight, and the wounding of  two teenage boys.

When a black person is shot or killed by a police officer or anyone who is white, the race of both shooter and victim is showcased in front page headlines and photos. Often an angelic portrait from an old church or school event is posted next to an unflattering photo of an angry white  shooter. When a black person is shot by another black person, race is rarely mentioned.  Photos are rarely included in the story.

Last Saturday’s shooting in Bridgeton was reported as national news. However, not a single national story mentioned the race of the shooters or any of the victims.  Neither did Democratic Governor Murphy or any state law enforcement official.  The Press of Atlantic City buried that fact in the last paragraph of its story.

All of this is done by Democrats to promote a fake narrative that keeps getting them re-elected.  Democrats use their media, and the Hollywood TV and entertainment industry to falsely claim that every white American who opposes Democrats and their socialist debt, taxes, and laws is a racist and a threat to every black American.   That fake narrative succeeds in persuading roughly 95% of black Americans to vote straight Democrat in almost every election.

Year after year, Democrats falsely accuse me and other Republicans of being “racists”, “fascists”, “white supremacists” or “right wing extremists”.  This distracts and scares many  black voters from paying attention to the real problems that are ruining the lives of too many blacks in America.  They include:

Socialist welfare programs that encourage and enable mothers to raise children without fathers living at home and being part of their day to day lives.

Public schools and colleges that teach “critical race theory” and other hate/blame whites/Jews/Israel propaganda.  These schools teach fake history, fake current events, and fake economics that falsely blame whites, rather than socialism for the poverty, violence, and miserly found in most cities run by Democrats.  Blacks are no longer taught of the spectacular success and wealth of many blacks like Atlantic City’s Sara Spencer Washington,  who left the South during the “Great Migration” of 1875 – 1955.  They are also not told of how many whites worked and sacrificed (without slaves) to overcome poverty and prejudice.

Hollywood movies, TV, and entertainment promote a destructive culture that degrades black women, and promotes a violent, criminal lifestyle by black men, and dismisses blacks who study, get married, finish school and begin careers with low level jobs as “Uncle Toms” who “act white”.

Democrats, schools, colleges, the media, and the Hollywood movie, TV, and entertainment industry routinely, and often falsely blame police for every violent confrontation they have with angry, young black criminals who are often looking for a fight.  As a result, police are now ignoring suspicious activity by violent black criminals they previously investigated.

Democrats in 2017 brought “bail reform”, “early release”, “COVID release”, early parole, and work release to New Jersey and many other states.  This puts many violent criminals back on the streets and in neighborhoods soon after they are arrested.  This makes many police officers reluctant to arrest and prosecute them, and many witnesses and victims unwilling to file complaints or testify against them.

Democrats in many states and counties appoint prosecutors and judges who are pro-criminal and anti-police.   (Fortunately, that is not the case in Atlantic County.  Damon Tyner is an excellent prosecutor!)

As more dangerous criminals drive and walk freely through our stores and neighborhoods, New Jersey has gun laws that are even more restrictive than Pennsylvania.  The killers at the party in Bridgeton knew their victims would be unarmed and defenseless.

I am a Republican candidate for State Senate so I can hopefully work with a Republican Governor to change this.  I know I will be falsely attacked by Democrat politicians who benefit financially from our dysfunctional and overpriced public schools, colleges, and welfare agencies.  I know I will be attacked by hate-America socialists who want to disarm self-sufficient Americans who respect the law who want to defend themselves and their families.  However, these senseless killings will continue until we elect officials willing and able to change the culture and laws that encourage them.

Seth Grossman

May 24, 2021

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