5 Days to Reach Local Republican Leaders in Cumberland County– 9 Days for Atlantic County

For next 9 days, it’s less of this:  

And more of this:

Any candidate for Congress who gets 200 signatures can be on the June 5 Primary Election ballot.   However, Republican Party leaders in each county decide which candidate will be at the top of the line or column as the “Regular Republican”.  These candidates are said to be on “The Ticket”, or on the “Party Line” or “Party Row”.   “Regular Republican” candidates in the “Party Row” have a 15% to 20% vote advantage, and win 95% of the time.

I was not successful in getting on “The Ticket” for half of the votes.    Ocean and Burlington Counties gave the “Party Row” to Hirsh Singh.   Salem gave it to Jim Toto.   Gloucester gave it to Brian Fitzherbert.   Cape May gave it to Sam Fiocchi.    These five counties have roughly half the voters in the District.   Because they split among four candidates, getting the “Party Row”  in these five counties carries much less weight.    The remaining two counties–Atlantic and Cumberland have the other half of Republican voters in the District.    If I can win the Party Row in these two counties, I can stay in the race.   Cumberland County Republicans have their convention on Tuesday, March 20.   The Atlantic County Convention is March 24.    I just got the list of likely delegates for these two counties.   Can you help me reach out to the Republican leaders in Atlantic and Cumberland County before their conventions?  If so, please contact me, and I will give you the names of likely delegates so you can reach out to the ones you know.    Thanks.      Seth Grossman.   sethgrossman49@gmail.com  (609) 927-7333.

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