Seth Grossman For New Jersey Senate, LD-2 Republican
The Real Republican
Fighting ‘Woke’ Democrats

Seth Grossman

NJ State Senate
Legislative District LD-2
All Atlantic County except Galloway, Hammonton, Corbin City, Estelle Manor & Weymouth

Seth Grossman: Strongest Candidate to Defend Seat of Retiring NJ GOP Senator Chris Brown.


Seth Grossman

Fighting Woke Propaganda. Party Affiliation Update.

“Woke” is yet another fake propaganda termsinvented by Democrats, socialists, and “progressives” during the past twenty years to divide and weaken America.  It falsely claims people are “awake” if they falsely blame white for every

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Seth Grossman
453 Shore Road
Somers Point, NJ, 08244

‘If you don’t believe America was great, talk to me or anybody who grew up in Atlantic City during the 50’s and 60’s’

‘If you think progressive Democrats and socialists care about people, look what they did to Atlantic City!’

Seth Grossman 

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